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Photo collage of TSBVI, happy students on a bus and our all-abilities playground.

Photo collage of TSBVI, happy students on a bus and our all-abilities playground.

Students learned to prepare food, take orders and make deliveries this summer.

TSBVI students singing and playing guitar during the TSBVI School of Rock.

Students learn the importance of knowing braille and reading often.

TSBVI has some of the best teachers in the world! In this photo, a teacher smiles with a student as they practice hand signing.

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Elementary Math Skills Continuum

by TSBVI Elementary Teachers
© TSBVI 1996  - 22 pages FREE!

Math concepts arranged in "clusters" for grades K-5

  • Includes Abacus skills referred to in Use of the Cranmer Abacus
  • Skills for counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing
  • Basic geometry skills

Download Math Continuum as PDF (827k)
Download Math Continuum as DOC (435k)
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Elementary Reading Skills Continuum

by TSBVI Elementary Teachers
© TSBVI 1996 - 24 pages FREE!

Pre-reading skills and reading skills for print and braille readers in grades K-5

  • Motor development, body image, and perceptive skills
  • Comprehension
  • Word attack skills
  • Language arts

Download Reading Continuum as PDF (173k)
Download Reading Continuum as DOC (142k)
Download Reading Continuum as RTF (79k)

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Ain't Misbehavin'

Strategies for Improving the Lives of Students who are Deafblind and Present Challenging Behavior

by Craig Axelrod, Ray Condon, Jim Durkel, & David Wiley (1993)

16 min. open-captioned - Order #59420V1 - (13 oz.)

  • Practical strategies for proactively avoiding interactions which challenge relationships
  • Designed for anyone who regularly interacts with a student who is deafblind
  • Examines crucial links between behavior and the issues of communication, control, and quality of life
  • Includes script

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A Lifetime of Patience

by Dale Rudin & Annie Wade (1987)

45 min. close-captioned - Order #59420V2 - (13 oz.)

A panel of parents discuss the challenges and joys of parenting a child with deafblindness.  

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Power of the Heart

A Parent Involvement Story

by Martha Boethel & Dale Rudin (1987)

44 min. close-captioned - Order #59420V3 - (13 oz.)

  • Awareness and training tool for parents, service providers, and students
  • Designed to find effective ways of working with one another
  • Includes facilitator manual
  • Also available in Spanish

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Routines: All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go

by the Outreach Program of TSBVI (1998)

17 min. close-captioned - Order #59420V4 - (13 oz.)

  • Introduction on how to use routines as a teaching strategy
  • Useful for VI teachers when helping teams design activities

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