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Outreach Director, Cyral Miller

The Outreach Programs are under the directorship of Cyral Miller.  Cyral is a certified teacher of students with visual impairments who possesses a deep understanding and appreciation of the challenges faced by VI professionals and other educators serving students with visual impairments and deafblindness in their local distracts.  She sees the Outreach Programs as a partner in serving these students, their families and the professionals who support them in both the educational and rehabilitation settings.

The staff members of the Outreach Programs hope to have the opportunity to work with you and your program in the future.  The table below includes contact information for the Outreach Programs staff.


 Outreach Staff Directory

Cyral Miller, Director of Outreach  


Miriam Miramontes, Administrative Coordinator  


Name & Title ProgramEmail AddressPhone Number

Ann Adkins, Education Consultant

VI Outreach  512-206-9301

Cindy Bachofer, Low Vision Consultant

VI Outreach

Scott Baltisberger, Education Consultant

VI Outreach 512-206-9140

Edgenie Bellah, Family Engagement Specialist

DB Outreach 512-206-9423

Beth Bible, Administrative Assistant

Travel & Budget 512-206-9103

Robbie Blaha, Education Consultant

DB Outreach  512-206-9232

Holly Cooper, Early Childhood Consultant

DB Outreach  512-206-9217

Chrissy Cowan, Mentor Coordinator

Mentor Prog.  512-206-9367

Meghan Currey, Digital Archivist

Media 512-206-9433

Kendra Dorty, Audio Visual Tech

Media  512-206-9156

Sue Enoch, APH/VI Reg./DB Child Count Coor.

APH & Demographics  512-206-9270

Adam Graves, Education Consultant

DB Outreach  512-206-9341

Kate Hurst, Statewide Staff Development Coor.

Training  512-206-9224

Carrie Keith, Administrative Assistanct

VI Outreach  512-206-9314

Sara Kitchen, Education Consultant

VI Outreach  512-206-9353

Randall McAlister, Administrative Assistant

APH & Tech Loan  512-206-9344

Chris Montgomery, Education Consultant

DB Outreach  512-206-9359

Sharon Nichols, Education Consultant

VI Outreach  512-206-9342

Susan Osterhaus, Education Consultant

VI Outreach  512-206-9305

Ann Rash, Early Childhood Consultant

VI Outreach  512-206-9269

Jean Robinson, Family Engagement Specialist

VI Outreach  512-206-9418

Matt Schultz, Education Consultant

DB Outreach  512-206-9348

Brian Sobeck, Administrative Assistant

DB Outreach  512-206-9225

Chris Tabb, Orientation and Mobility Consultant

VI Outreach  512-206-9226
 Eva Thompson-Lavigne, Transition Consultant VI Outreach  512-206-9271
Pat van Geem, Education Consultant VI Outreach  512-206-9464
Nathan Widener, Audio Visual Tech Media  512-206-9303
Andrew Wier, Audio Visual Tech Media  512-206-9405
David Wiley, Transition Consultant DB Outreach  512-206-9219