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Family Surveys for Parents of Children with Deafblindness

FamilyLetter-LookingTowardsAdulthoodPlease take time to complete a short survey to help us serve you better.  Select the age of your child from the list below:

Birth thru 2

3-5 year olds

6-15 year olds

16 years and older

handsAbout the Texas Deafblind Outreach Project

The Texas Deafblind Outreach Project is a federally funded (National Technical Assistance and Dissemination Center for Children Who Are Deaf-Blind CFDA No. 84.326T) technical assistance program focused on services for children and youth with deafblindness (birth thru 21).  The Project provides information, support and training for families, professionals, paraprofessionals, and community members in Texas.

Our staff includes consultants with many years of experience in the field of deafblindness. They divide their focus to address the needs of the family, staff serving infants and preschool-aged students, and staff serving students 6-22 years of age.

Choose one of the following links to learn more:

Family Engagement Services

Infant and Preschool Services for Students (birth thru 5) with Deafblindness

Education Services for Students (6 thru 21) with Deafblindness

Transition Services for Students (14 thru 21) with Deafblindness

Quick Links

Definition of Deafblindness (Eligibilty)

Are Intervener Services Appropriate for Your Student With Deaf-Blindness? An IEP Team Discussion Guide Pilot Version: January 2015

Determining the Need for an Intervener in Educational Settings

Nationally sponsored family phone calls

A series of nationally sponsored family phone calls, free to families, conducted in Spanish are currently being presented. One is for families with children who have hearing and vision problems and one is specifically for families of children with CHARGE.

Llamada de Familia-a-Familia

Llamada de Familia-a-Familia con Niños con el Síndrome de CHARGE

Letters to Families of Children with Deafblindness from the Texas Deafblind Project

Beginning Your Journey

Your Journey with Your Preschooler

Another Year in Your Child's Educational Journey

Looking Towards Adulthood

 Parent Portal